Accidental Leadership: How Did I Get Here and What the Heck Do I do Now?

It happens all the time. You start in an entry-level position, do a great job, impress your superiors and get promoted. You are now the "boss" and you have to make decisions that affect others. It’s lonely and stressful, and you start to wonder why you accepted the promotion in the first place! Together, we will explore how to deal with the changes, relate to your co-workers and establish yourself as a true leader.

The World is Spinning Faster and Faster: Gaining Control of Your Business Without Losing Control of Your Life.

You’ve started a business and you’re living the American dream, so why do you feel so stressed all the time? Simple changes can make huge differences. During our time together, I will show you easy ways to gain control and enjoy owning your own business again. It’s time to get your life back!

Why Not? Starting A Business With Five Words On A Post-It Note.

A little knowledge combined with a solid plan can be an explosive combination! I’ve grown several 7 and 8-figure businesses and will arm you with ten steps that will take you from scared to successful. Don’t sit back and watch others grow their businesses while you wait on the sidelines. Take the leap and be ahead of the curve!