I bet you have piles of business cards and contact forms lying around, in drawers, your purse/briefcase, on your desk.

You probably have hundreds of email addresses for contacts and spreadsheets with trade show leads and membership lists.
Do you have a CRM that is really just a dumping ground for every person you’ve run into during the course of business in the past 15 years? 
Have you ever put them all together? 

Have you ever added them up?

How many do you have?

Are they in one place?

That’s a lot of questions … and tough ones, too!

talks about “The List”

It’s important to have a list – how else do you contact potential customers or get to know your potential lifers?

If you have contacts spread all over the place (like many of us do), it can be overwhelming and intimidating to think about pulling it all together and actually USING the list to contact people. Imagine that – actually emailing, mailing or calling people who gave you their information at some point?

It’s easy to get information from someone, to exchange business cards or emails, but if you don’t have a way to gather that information into USABLE form, what good does it do you?

They obviously wanted to hear from you or you would not have their information, but it’s tough to reach out when you think you might be bothering someone or being pushy.  It's hard to reach out to someone you met but haven't contacted since meeting them.  And it's REALLY hard to reach out to someone when you can't find their contact information or when it changes!

How do you manage it all?

My friend Brian Toelle and I have both been in business for several decades, in separate industries, in different roles, but one thing is true for both of us: We have both collected a TON of contacts and have huge networks. Both of us were where you are right now … piles of information, multiple spreadsheets, a CRM and even emails in folders for future use. Both of us needed to find a system could pull all of the information into one place but that’s not all! We both needed to find a way to sort through that information once, in one place, to find a way to qualify the contacts (are the emails or phone numbers even valid anymore?!?!) and then find ways to connect and even weed out those who will never be customers or raving fans.

How did we do it? Through trial and error. Through brainstorming. Through a lot of manual work. But we’ve done it and now we want to share with you.


Someone to SHOW you HOW to do it, not just telling you that you SHOULD do it!
We’ve put together an amazing 3-part webinar series on how to:
  • Gather your contacts together – ALL of them, in one place.

  • Verify your contacts – are they all still valid? Have phone numbers or emails changed?

  • Build a true potential customer list (how to do this and why it’s important)

  • Build up your list to be the audience that is perfect for you and your business.

You’ve got the information and the tools, let us help you pull it all together!

At $297, this webinar series is a STEAL!

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