The top 10 signs that you’re a sports-challenged Girly-Girl … how many fit you?


  1. You think all jerseys should be bedazzled – much, much better than just plain jerseys.

  2. You love football in October because the players wear pink on their uniforms.

  3. Your friends can tell at least one story over and over again about something you said or did during a sporting event, and EVERYONE laughs!

  4. You’ve ever stood up and cheered when the OTHER team scored.

  5. You really don’t know the names of any players unless they’ve been in an underwear commercial or appeared on the cover of GQ.

  6. Your boyfriend or husband rolls his eyes when you say ANYTHING about sports.

  7. You think football games in January are ridiculously cold – who cares about the play-offs?

  8. You cringe when your boyfriend or husband wants to have people over to watch “the game”. Who wants to watch a silly game when you can watch Lifetime or reruns of Glee?

  9. You’ve sat at home at least one time when EVERYONE you was at a game or at a bar watching a game.

And the number one way to tell if you’re a sports-challenged girly-girl is …
You thought “tight end” was the hot new football player everyone is talking about because he looks good in his uniform! Mmm … some of them really do look great in those tight football pants!

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